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Your first visit

Pinole Eye Care – Your First Visit to Eyes & Smiles Optometry

Once you enter our facility, you will be greeted by a friendly receptionist who will give you paperwork to fill out. This includes a thorough ocular health history (personal and family) and a complete medical health history (personal and family). These forms can be downloaded on our website if you wish to fill them out prior to your appointment.

One of our optometric assistants will start your eye exam by conducting a series of tests using our high-end automated equipment. One tests your peripheral vision, the other will get an estimate of your current prescription, and the final machine will check your eye pressure.  You will then be taken into the exam room where you will be seen by the doctor.

Your Pinole eye care doctor will have reviewed your medical and family history information prior to seeing you, and will discuss any pertinent information with you.  A series of tests will be performed and your prescription will be refined, taking into account how you use your eyes in different settings.  The health of your eyes will be checked thoroughly. You will be consulted regarding the results of your eye exam, and recommendations will be made on your particular vision needs.

You will then be helped by our staff members who will go over your insurance coverage and help you select your favorite frames. They will advise you regarding your lens choices and coatings. We are certain that you will be pleased by the large selection of designer frames that we have to offer!